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Tom P. Kendall en la página de Dennis Cooper

"I don't really know how to open it except to say that I met Max through my wife while we were living in London, at that point he was taking a course at the Architectural Association. I remember reading his thesis at the time and being incredibly impressed by the erudition and style he had in a second language.

He approached me a few months ago to read some texts he had written in english and I was so blown away by them that I ended up coming on board as the editor.

I'm an architectural lug-head, i have no real knowledge of the field what so ever and that's been one of the real pleasures of the project, to gain some insight into a world i have very little knowledge of. What hooked me at first about this work though was it's style and how it firmly refused attempts to classify it."


- Tom P. Kendall

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